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BREAKFAST: raw oatmeal cookie thing

LUNCH: Ethiopian stew

GOÛTER: bowl of oatmeal with soymilk, 2 small bowls of peas, bismati rice, shoyu and a few drops of sesame oil

SNACK: two squares of dark chocolate dipped in homemade peanut butter

DINNER: crispy cajun chickpea cake, bismati rice, southwestern-flavored onions with red and green bell pepper
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BREAKFAST: muesli with unsweetened soy milk

LUNCH: small apple

DINNER: Ethiopian stew

BEFORE BED: a few bites of bread, a small bowl of frozen peas and bismati rice mixed with soy sauce and drizzled with sesame oil
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LUNCH: muesli in soy milk

GOÛTER: chocolate red wine vegetable curry with bismati rice

DINNER: peanut butter and apple raspberry stew on melba toast

LATE NIGHT: 4 mini baked donuts with chocolate peanut butter sauce, sesame ginger garlic noodles with tofu and green peas
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BREAKFAST: muesli in soy milk

BRUNCH: chilaquiles (no beans) over lettuce with tomatoes

LUNCH: Toor dal

GOÛTER: 2 raw veggie sandwiches on whole wheat with olive oil, basil, salt and pepper

DINNER: more chilaquiles

LATE NIGHT: Masoor dal, green beans, fresh tomatoes
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Hi vegan_foodblog , it's been a while. How are you? I took a bit of a break, and intended to get more into keeping up my blog, but I, uh, haven't.

lunch: hummus wrap with veggies / side salad / ginger peach tea and lemonade from Danish Pastry House

dinner: Jamaican banana bread made with vegan cream cheese, Ener-G, and non-dairy milk / leftover vegan drunken noodles with tofu from Sugar & Spice / Boca chick'n with sweet and sour sauce / cry baby cookies made with Ener-G

later: veganized honey almond cookies
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Has anyone heard of CRON?

This is an almost 100 percent nutrition day according to my cron-o-meter, especially for how many calories it is. :)

Happy veganism!!!

1/3 cup quick oats, water, few chunks of frozen organic banana, some dagoba 100% chocolate shavings, 1 tsp flaxseed, 1/8 cup sesame seeds, 1/8 cup wheat germ, 1/2 tsp turmeric, and stevia. A brazil nut. A vitamin b12 supplement.

Big plate of seasoned steamed broccoli topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and lemon juice. A carrot.

A few dark chocolate covered strawberries (using 100 percent dagoba and around a tbsp of agave...microwaved, the chocolate gets really fluffy and is wonderful when it dries!!). A few more raw strawberries (1 cup strawberries in full total). 1/8 cup of sesame seeds. I've been outside in the sun long enough today too (vitamin d).

2 cups of romaine lettuce from the garden with 1 tbsp vinaigrette.

Another bowl of oatmeal similar to breakfast. A calcium supplement.

There are just two supplements. I needed literally nothing else and the nutrition on the page in all of the nutrients/minerals is actually far over the RDA, if not 100 percent, and that's just with the calories at below 1200!   Want more calories but know you're too full?  Start adding coconut or olive oils to your foods.  Still hungry?  Guess what, you get to eat more! :)  The only nutrient that I am semi low on is potassium, at 3349 mg, which is much higher than the average American's potassium intake.  Plus, I have plenty of omega-3's, which is wonderful for my arthritis. 43 grams of protein, which is perfect for my height, weight, and activity level. 42 grams of fat--perfect. Of that fat, only 10 grams of saturated fat (and some actually is needed for the body/heart to function properly), lots of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat (the good fats), and of course, 0 cholesterol. :)

You can totally get enough nutrition as a vegan and it doesn't have to be hard!  Feeling and looking fabulous!! :)

4th of july vegan cook out!

Grilled vegetables: zucchini, white asparagus, yellow peppers, portobello mushrooms, garlic scapes & corn on the cob
Vegan potato salad w/ fresh dill & garlic scapes
Trader Joe's baked beans
Morningstar Grillers veggie burgers w/ spicy mustard, ketchup & pickles on toasted white buns

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Breakfast: smoothie w/ soy milk, banana, frozen strawberries, & spinach

Lunch: peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, some raspberries

Snack: banana bread Larabar

Dinner: CSA dinner! roasted fennel, roasted garlic, sauteed spinach and rainbow chard, & potato-beet pancakes; with red wine

Breakfast: 1/2 of a chocolate chip muffin, some raspberries, iced coffee w/ coconut soy creamer

Lunch: burrito @ Chipotle with rice, black beans, peppers, onions, salsa, & guacamole

Snacks: tortilla chips w/ fresh salsa; rice and bean chips w/ edamame hummus

Dinner: Indian food take-out -- Aloo Gobi & vegetable pakoras

Later: a few beers, a quesadilla w/ Daiya cheese, with avocado salsa verde
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breakfast: smoothie with banana, cocoa, peanut butter, and soy milk
snack: oatmeal
lunch: lentils and rice with diced veggies and salad dressing
snack: lots of blueberries
dinner: bean sprouts, tofu, asparagus, and soy sauce wrapped in a tomato tortilla
s: large smoothie with two banans, soy milk, cocoa, peanut butter, and oatmeal
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let's get posting again!

breakfast: smoothie with banana and soy milk
lunch: diced veggies, tofu, with wild rice and italian dressing
snack: popcorn with earth balance and salt, large smoothie with banana, cocoa, peanut butter
dinner: large salad with balsamic vinegar, 1/2 cantalope
snack: big bowl of oatmeal, raisins, soy milk, almonds and cocoa, 1/2 cantalope