December 25th, 2006

first official entry - enjoy!

~ 1 serving of Mona's Original Granola (a mix of delectable whole grains, wheat germ, sunflower kernals, almonds and raisins)
~ cup of light Silk soymilk.

~ 12oz of coffee with a splash of soymilk
~ a square of Lindt dark chocolate (70% cocoa).

~ In a pan, I combined light tofu cubes and Morningstar meatless steak and chicken strips. I added one heaping spoon of homemade hummus, a pinch of cumin, curry powder, and paprika. Also blended in some leftover garlic kidney beans lightly dressed in oil. In a large bowl, I created a bed from romaine lettuce leaves and some mixed greens. Those were dressed in oil, vinegar and 2 tbls of sesame dressing. The tofu mixture was added into the bed of greens and garnished with a few pickled mushrooms and carrots and a drizzle of light soy sauce.

Evening snack:
~ a fruit salad of fresh cherries, a large red apple cut into strips, dried cranberries and handful of mixed nuts (walnuts and roasted almonds).
~ steaming green tea with soymilk.

Later on, I'll probably have some more green tea and maybe a small bowl of granola with dried fruit and soymilk :)
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