November 15th, 2006

Am I the only on who posts their meals?

Breakfast; Banana.

Lunch; Over the weekend, I had marinated tofu in some soy sauce and other herbs and let it sit for a few days. Then I took a few tomatoes and put them in the blender and then cooked them with other spices to make a marinara sauce. Fast forward to today's lunch. I pan fried the tofu strips and then added them to the sauce. I boiled up some Udon noodles (made from Kamut berries) and added that.

Dinner: Low key. Buttered toast (sunflower's 9 grain bread and Earth Balance buttery vegan spread). 1 Tofurky Sun dried tomato sausage put on a whole wheat bun with mustard. An orange.

I bought the last Tofurky roast from the local sunflower. I don't want to get caught next week without something substantial to eat.
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