January 26th, 2006

1 January 2014

Today's Food--carb overload!!!

~two pieces of Trader Joe's sprouted soy crunch bread, toasted and spread with Toffuti Better-Than-Cream-Cheese and blackberry (no-added-sugar) jam
~English Breakfast tea (decaf) with organic vanilla soy milk

~nut and seed clusters (from Whole Foods)
~a tangelo

~brown rice pilaf made with olive oil, mixed with chunks of Asian BBQ tofu steak from Whole Foods
~a Toffuti Cutie (ice-creamless sandwich)

~a Red Delicious apple

late afternoon:
~a Luna bar (peanut butter cookie flavor)*

evening (now):
~I'm sipping my favorite new anti-nausea tonic: Arrowhead Sparkling Water in Lemon Essence

*I'm still not sure about these... I'm always on the look-out for *real* vegan energy bars. I'm going to try the Lara ones--in that cherry flavor a friend told me about...
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