kelly (lonelyescapade) wrote in vegan_foodblog,

Alright, I stopped updated all summer, which is a shame! Gotta get back to it, even when my meals haven't been the best lately...

Breakfast: one veggie sausage dipped in maple syrup; OJ

Lunch: leftover Thai yellow curry w/ tofu & lots of veggies, over white rice

Dinner: frozen falafel w/ hummus, lettuce, tomato, & pickles in flour tortillas

Breakfast: onion bagel w/ veggie tofu spread, sprouts & cucumbers; a lemonade [Bagel Rising, Allston, MA]

Lunch: vegan mac & cheese w/ brocolli; crispy chickpeas; some of my bf's spicy ginger lentils; orange soda [AS220, Providence, RI]

"Dinner": pizza w/ sauce, portobella mushrooms & caremalized onions; a coconut-lime square [from Wild Flour, Pawtucket, RI]

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